Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dress Confession

Ok, as most of you know I am TERRIFIED of trying on a wedding dress. I have no idea why, but I suffer from extreme wedding dress anxiety. So now for my confession.. The other day while shopping for engagement outfits, I TRIED ON MY FIRST WEDDING DRESS! And I LOVED it!! Not like I bought it loved it, but I was actually really happy with the way I looked in it. Which really is the stem of all of my dress anxiety. It wasn't anything extravagant or even anything you would expect, but here it is..

I was quite enthralled with the back of the dress.

I found it at Nordstrom and it is part of the Sue Wong Alice in Wonderland collection. Told you. Nothing you would have expected.


  1. Any dress is going to look stunning on you...

  2. You are so beautiful my precious niece that you will make the dress beautiful. I think that first one is stunning! Aunt Gena

  3. That is an INCREDIBLE dress. I haven't seen it before. Amazing!!!! And by the way, I am loving your Aunt Gena right now. :)


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