Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our New Apartment - Sneak Peak

I'm pretty sure this has been the most adult week of my life. To start, David and I moved into a new apartment last Friday -- an incredible new apartment! All I have to say is whitewash brick, hardwood floors and exposed beams. Swoon. A couple of teaser photos are below with much more to come as we get moved in. It's pretty much my favorite place EVER.

A recap of my day yesterday: I worked an 8 hour day and was super stressed out about my job, we have SO much to do and clean at the apartment, I currently do not have enough money to buy things that I want for the apartment and I actually stopped myself from buying them, our brand spankin' new washer and dryer were delivered(LG front loaders with STEAM, I die) -- and then the kicker, David and I sat down to go through coupons before going grocery shopping. Hello adulthood - nice to meet you.

Oh, and just for fun -- here are a couple pictures of the new loves of my life. I literally sat on the ground and watched after putting in our first load. Yes, this is my life.


  1. LOVE the exposed brick! Can't wait to see how you turn the empty apt into yalls new little home :)

  2. I would've done the same thing, those LG machines are gorgeous! Who says that about a washer and dryer....I do! Looking forward to pics of you new spot.

  3. Morgan- I'm also dying over your new apartment. SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the white washed brick. Can't wait to see it all decorated. The blog looks great too :) Big hug! -Claudine


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