Friday, July 16, 2010

Cake Toppers: The Good, the Funny and the Creepy

Keeping with the Etsy Love of the Day theme, here are a couple of my favorite cake toppers. ...Aanndd a few others.

Love is all you need.


If we're being honest... this might should be our cake topper.

Can't help but love this little love pinch.

"He's her lobster."

Love the palm trees, but this is just a bit riskay..

And this, this is just creepy.

I get love birds, love bugs and love nest, but love tomatoes??

Til death do us part??

Ok, this is just disturbing. Inter-species wedding? No words.

Again, I'm speechless. Does anyone even know what these are??

Top to bottom:
1. LOVE 2. Leg Pop 3. Cell Phone Fanatics 4. Lobsters 5. Love Pinch 5. Over the Threshold Hawaiian 6. Custom 7. Love Tomatoes 8. Dia De Los Muertos 9. Inter-species Couple 10. Custom Unidentified Animals

1 comment:

  1. The last picture is from a video game. Little Big Planet and those are "sock puppets" from that game.



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