Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Etsy Love of the Day

I'm so obsessed with Etsy lately that I am going to start an Etsy Love of the Day post.

Today's Etsy Love is an incredibly inspiring hand stamped pendant.

Courtesy of the seller, One Life Jewelry, this piece was inspired by
an excerpt from New York Times Bestseller, and the book that I am currently reading, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Purchase this book and read it NOW if you have not already. Listen to how beautiful Gilbert's writing is:

"The last line of the Divine Comedy, in which Dante is faced with the vision of God Himself, is a sentiment that is still easily understandable by anyone familiar with so-called modern Italian. Dante writes that God is not merely a blinding vision of glorious light, but that He is, most of all, 'l’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle…' 'The love that moves the sun and the other stars.'”

How wonderful!! Whether it is a street sign, 'dare precedenza', for example, which so beautifully means 'yield', or a quote from Dante, the Italian language always seems to sweep me off my feet.

1 comment:

  1. I want one. What a great Christmas gift.


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