Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's cookin?

I'm completely consumed with kitchen wares and china sets today. I feel so domestic.

My all-time fave dinnerware has got to be Vietri's Incanto collection. These Italian-inspired pieces are all unique and great for mixing and matching! Incanto translates to enchantment, and I am definitely enchanted by this collection!

With it's intricate sealife depictions and little nautical touches,
From the Deep Dinnerware may just be my new favorite.

I first ran across these vintage Tepco U.S. Navy dinnerware pieces in the nautical antique store I fell in love with in San Diego. After a bit of searching, I found them again on an Etsy listing. I'm crushing hard.

Oh, and how great is this Anthropologie apron??


  1. I've been looking at the Vietri collection in Southern Lady the Incanto Mare dinnerware with turtle salad plates, beautiful. Thought of your mom liking the Gulf so much and the turtles are protect in AL not sure about FL. Make a lovely table . B/

  2. oh my gosh the incanto are my favorite too!!! i wanted to register for a million of them but then opted to just get some key pieces as i thought i might cry if i broke a $40 plate. great style!!!

  3. I'm worried about the same thing Erin! I'm dying to find something similar, but cheaper.. Where did you end up getting your base dinnerware from??!


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