Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Color Inspiration - Sandy Cay

Considering we almost abandoned our plans to get married at Carillon beach to get married on this island after one look at it, I have to cite its beauty as some definite inspiration.

We were lucky enough to visit this tiny island, well technically a cay, with my family in February. Dad's annual bar trip took us to St. Thomas for the most amazing vacation I can remember. My wonderful parents chartered a boat one day that carried us to some of the BVI including this incredible piece of paradise - Sandy Cay.

It was honestly the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen, except for my Sailor, of course. The colors were so vibrant that it was hard to comprehend their reality. These colors - the extreme turquoise of the shallows, the deep blue of the depths and the brilliant green of the palm trees - have become.. dun dun dunnnn.. my color scheme! I took pictures, but I can't find my dang photo card. Typical. Hope you enjoy the picture from a random wallpaper website though.

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