Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Story

I wish God had Facebook or Twitter or some clear cut way to notify me of life-changing information. You know, just a simple message or DM. Shoot, I would even take a poke! Ten years ago, I could have really used one of these messages. There I was 12 years old and completely oblivious. This sweet, cute little boy had a crush on me. And I liked him too. Apparently not enough though since I broke up with him twice and was not so sweet to him. Insert Facebook message from God here. “Hey Morgan. How are you? You just broke up with your future husband, just FYI. Love, God.” Message or not, life has a strange way of working itself out. For better or for worse, that sweet little boy never stopped loving me.

I didn't want this to be a long post, but as I type it just wouldn't do it justice to only give the shortened version of how my future hubby and I met and fell in love. So, here goes.

It really was ten years ago when it all began. We were sweet on each other in middle school until I broke his heart. He was so cute and so funny, but 8th grade rolled around and made me way too cool. WAY too cool. The years passed and we dated other people. We grew and changed and moved to different places -- he to New York and I to Athens. And as difficult as I was in middle school, all it took was a simple Facebook chat during my junior year of college to re-spark my interest. God may not have been so hip with Facebook when I needed those messages, but my future husband sure was. It started out long distance while he was finishing up his undergrad at the Merchant Marine Academy (yes, he’s a sailor – hot, I know), but we went from Facebook chatting to dating in 6 short months. A couple weekend rendezvous, a few “wrong turns” and a lot of late night phone conversations later and we were official. He moved back home after graduation in May and we were inseparable. Trips to the beach, summer date nights, play fights – it was perfect. He was everything I never knew I needed.

As for the proposal, well I never saw it coming. I didn’t think he could surprise me, but surprise me he did! He proposed to me on the beach on HIS birthday. I was way too preoccupied with planning little surprises for him throughout the day that I was completely oblivious to his anxious ways. Next thing I knew he was on one knee and I couldn’t even say yes before he had the ring on my finger. It may have taken ten years to convince me, but that sweet little boy had loved me since the 7th grade. I am the luckiest girl in the world to marry such an incredible man. He is my best friend, my everything. And now he will be my everything forever.

Hold tight, because this blog will follow the crazy adventure we call wedding planning. It’s a Sailor’s wife for me and I couldn’t be happier.

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  1. LOVE IT! I am so happy for you my sweet sweet cousin! ~Lauren


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