Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Madison Fab Finds

Mommy-daughter day in Madison was a complete success! We sifted through 75 vendors at the Antique and Interiors Market, went into every appealing shop in the downtown area, and realized just how alike we really are. We were exhausted, but we dominated that town. We found some fab stuff along the way. Here's to Madison, G-A!

Finds from the Antique & Interiors Market included...

A nifty covered chandelier

This rustic nautical-themed wall sconce -- don't be fooled, it's electric.. boogie woogie woog...

LOVE this hanging capiz shell chandelier

Okay.. so I like romantic lighting and chandeliers. BUT the best find of the day has to be these REALLY creepy alligator purses!! Even though my mom looks super cute holding them, yikes. Just yikes.

Creepy alligator purses. Creepy.

Next stop was a cute little store in downtown Madison called Laughing Moon. Endless amounts of merch to go through, but we sure enjoyed ourselves -- primarily because of this sassy hand towel..

Other great finds included..

This pretty, pretty sailboat that has wedding inspiration written all over it


This sign that just makes me smile and think of my old crab :)

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