Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Venue Five: Bentley's on the Bay

Nestled on the Choctawhatchee Bay in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., Bentley's on the Bay offers a unique alternative to the beach wedding. The setting is beautiful and offers a much more private location than the very public gulf front.

"Beach" area for outdoor ceremonies

Outdoor reception area:

Part covered

Part uncovered

LOVE the dramatic strung lights on the deck


Indoor reception area

The low-down on Bentley's:
Bentley's is unique. To me, that's a huge draw. And it's private. It is nice to know that you wouldn't have randos wandering around in the background or maybe even the foreground of your beach wedding ceremony. Also, the bridal suite at Bentley's is gorgeous!

The biggest drawback of Bentley's is the fact that there is nowhere for people to stay on the property. I love my family and friends too much to allow them to face that deadly option, the option of drinking and driving. I'd much rather have a place where everyone can stay at the same place-- and how much more fun is that anyway?

While on the tour of Bentley's, we were told they have a second venue that isn't even open yet, Havana Blue.. A brand new venue? Now, you're talking my language. So, we headed across the street to check it out. Forget Bentley's we wanted Havana Blue!


  1. does the bride descend from the stairs onto the deck, that is stunning scene with bay in background............

  2. I believe usually the ceremony is set up on the beach or with the willow from the first picture as the background. It is definitely an option, but coming down those stairs in heels... yikes!


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