Thursday, June 17, 2010

Venue Two: Rosemary Beach

The next stop on our venue journey took us to the beautiful Rosemary Beach.

The West Green with a glimpse of downtown Rosemary.

The West Green.

Beach Access area with Bath houses.

Town Hall - LOVE this.

Inside of the Town Hall.

The little green next to the Town Hall.

Entrance to the Barbados Pool.

The Coquina Pool.

The low-down on Rosemary Beach:
Rosemary is gorgeous. Let's just cut to the chase. Everywhere you look families are laughing, riding bikes and just loving life. You can't help but feel like you have magically appeared in an Italian beach town once you step foot in Rosemary. From the architecture to the town square areas, this little beach haven will steal your heart. The West & East (not pictured) Greens are perfect for an outdoor tented wedding. And I LOVE the Town Hall. It is stunning inside and out and can hold around 250 people. Their a 4 pools, 2 of which are pictured. Each one is unique and all can serve as wonderful rehearsal dinner areas. The downfall to Rosemary is the cost and the hoops you must jump through to have your wedding there. Requirements include 3 house rentals for 4 days each, security guards, and following the alternating green policy. What? That's what I said. Chances are there will be another wedding happening at the same time as yours on a different part of the property. For vacations, Rosemary can make you feel like a very special guest, but when it comes to weddings, you feel more like a number.

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