Friday, June 18, 2010

Venue Three: Alys Beach

All I can say about Alys beach is that it is a Mediterranean oasis on the Emerald Coast. Tropical extravagance.

These photos are all of the Caliza Pool. Too gorgeous for words.

This would be the aisle.. can you just imagine?? Stunning.

Ceiling detail. Just fabulous.

And this... This is the Gulf Green.

If I could close my eyes and imagine where I would get married.. it would be here. It makes me heart flutter just a bit. Right beyond the beautiful pillars is the gulf. I was devastated to learn that they will doing construction in this area next year.

The low-down on Alys:
Alys Beach is stunning, but unfortunately it is much more a fantasy than a reality. Because with it's beauty comes a hefty price tag. You will run into a $10,000 venue fee and a $5,000 clean up fee to rent just the Caliza Pool! YIKES. The other drawback is that aside from the beautiful pool and homes, there isn't too much else at Alys Beach. It is more of an oasis for those fortunate enough to vacation here. So I say, fantasy vacation-YES, wedding-NO.

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