Monday, June 14, 2010

Venue One: Carillon Beach

We will start with the original, the first venue that stole my heart: Carillon Beach.

The chapel. How you speak to me. If only you held more than 90 people.

The garden surrounding the chapel. The trees are strung with lights. Mmmmm I love you.

The Village Green, a popular reception area.

Market Street! The strung lights are fabulous at night.

Market Street from the other direction with the chapel in the background. Pretty. Pretty.

The low-down on Carillon:
Quaint beach town feel with gorgeous homes and a little downtown area. Carillon's beachfront and walkways to the beach are the prettiest along the Emerald Coast in my opinion. They have an in-house wedding coordinator, Carillon Weddings by Victoria, which is run by Victoria Volpone and her assistant Avis. They are WONDERFUL. (And Avis is a UGA graduate. GO DAWGS!) Coordination fees are included in the venue fees, which is rare and a wonderful service. They require that you use vendors from their preferred vendor list, but the vendors they have selected are all top notch. Though we love all of the selected vendors, there is not much wiggle room to minimize costs by using friends or other connections.

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